About Little Blooms

Hi, my name is Avril and I'm the owner and founder of Little Blooms UK. For over 30 years, I was a Primary School Teacher, a career which I really enjoyed. After I retired, however, I missed the contact with young children and my involvement with initiatives such as Eco School and Health Promoting School.

It was then, in 2011, that I decided to run a weekly class, on a voluntary basis, in my local village for preschool children to learn all about Nature and Gardening. I wanted children to learn about growing food and to connect with Nature. The benefits of connecting with Nature are well documented and some say that it's essential for life.

Two years ago, my daughter and some of her friends came to the class with their children. They really enjoyed it and encouraged me to run classes in other areas.

At Little Blooms UK children will:

  • Have fun
  • Learn through activities and play in a stimulating and safe environment
  • Enhance their language development
  • Develop an interest in the Natural World
  • Make new friends

Some of the benefits for Parents/Carers:

  • Meeting and making friends with other parents
  • Being involved with your child's activities
  • Ideas to try at home/in the garden
  • No mess to tidy up
  • Class run by a qualified professional


About Little Blooms